10th Annual Holiday Exhibition Ice Show

Sunday, December 8 2019

Now’s the time for all new skaters to join in the Crystal Ice House’s holiday excitement!  Skaters of all ages and levels can now put the skills they have learned in classes to music!  Our coaches will work with your skater during the “free time” (last 15 min. of class time) of group lessons teaching them a program that can be skated as a solo or with friends (If skating with a friend or friends please turn in the attached form or email kim.johnson@crystalicehouse.com with the names of skaters skating together) set to a choice of one of the 3 choices of music (“ME”, “High Hopes” or “Twinkle Little Christmas Lights”). They will then perform during a set time at the Holiday Exhibition. This is their time to shine!  All skaters may choose their own outfit for the exhibition and will receive one personalized ornament.


The emphasis of this exhibition is on fun rather than competition.  All spectators are welcome free of charge.


Registration deadline: Monday, November 25, 2019

(First event $25.00, additional event $10.00)

Skating order is first come first serve

REGISTER NOW AT - https://thriva.activenetwork.com/Reg4/Form.aspx?IDTD=8107817&RF=11410536